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Young and innocent Garbo has the natural beauty most men fantasize about.


Garbo is a charming young lady with a strong work ethic and passion for life. At 21 years old, our Dutch blonde has already made a reputation for herself at My Escort Amsterdam. Suitors love this baby doll for her adorable feminine features and her ambitious, fun-loving nature. Outside of her work with My Escort Amsterdam, she can be found studying hard for her nursing degree at a local university. While she’s a nurse in training, Garbo loves pampering any and all people in more ways than one.

Garbo is most noticeable for her adorable childlike features, including her large glittering blue eyes, pouty lips and high cheekbones. There is nothing childlike about her body, however. Standing 1.65 meters (5 feet 5 inches) tall with naturally flawless size 34 C breasts, what’s not love with this angel? All 53.98 kilograms (119 pounds) of her tiny frame are placed so perfectly into place. With one caress of her soft skin and her cute little bottom, any man can see why she’s an escort Amsterdam ladies wish they could match up to. She is just as sweet on the outside as she is on the inside.

While her name isn’t like any normal escort you’ll come across, the name “Garbo” has an Italian origin, meaning “polite, kind and gracious.” Once you meet her, you will agree that our girl is all of those things and more. She is easy to get along with and has a classic beauty that keeps suitors coming back for more.

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Escort Garbo Standing Up With Hands On Her Butt.
Escort Garbo Standing Up With Hands on Her Hip. 
Escort Garbo Sitting Down With Pants Half Way Down. 
Escort Garbo On Her Knees in Her Panties. 
Escort Garbo On Her Knees with Bare Butt Up In The Air. 
Escort Garbo Laying Down With No Pants On Holding Breasts. 
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