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The Two Best Things Aalsmeerderbrug Has To Offer

Before you go to the Netherlands, do you want to know about the two best things that places like Aalsmeerderbrug have to offer? The first is legal marijuana, and the second is sexy women from My Escort Amsterdam, though you may find that you love the hot women even more than the legal pot! No matter which you prefer, you will not be able to deny that the two of them go together incredibly well, giving you a trip that you will never forget.

Is Taking A Sexy Dutch Girl to a Coffee Shop a Mistake?

If you were in the States with a beauty from My Escort Amsterdam, taking her to a coffee shop would certainly be a mistake. You would be wasting time that would be better spent between the sheets, exploring all of the sexual activities that you and your escort Amsterdam has can do together! However, coffee shops in the Netherlands are also known as Aalsmeerderbrug smoke shops, and they are not the same as their American counterparts. Instead of selling just coffee, they sell weed in many forms. Taking Aalsmeerderbrug escorts to these shops may be the best thing that you can do!  

High Times +31 (0)23 5400798. Get a party bag, which this shops sells for 25 euros, and you will be all set. There are many other options on the menu as well, seeing as how this shop prides itself on its selection. It does have a touristy-atmosphere. If you are a tourist, though, this makes your life easier! The clerks will speak English and they will be rather outgoing, so you and your escort Amsterdam has given you will not have any trouble getting the right weed. The shop can be found at Lange Veerstraat 47, 2011 DA Haarlem.

Empire +31 (0)23 5314453. A bright neon sign sets this shop apart from the rest. Empire is attractive and modern, and the selection is excellent. The whole place takes on a cafe feel, with a lot of places to sit and enjoy the weed that you buy. You and your stunning companion from My Escort Amsterdam will love spending time together as long as you are in Empire. When you leave, you can take a bit more weed to smoke while you enjoy the sexual side of your relationship. This shop is located at Krocht 8, 2011 PT Haarlem.

Leave with No Regrets

If you visit Aalsmeerderbrug smoke shops with Dutch girls, you will be experiencing in the two best things that the city can give you all at once. Legal pot can make any sexual fantasy that you want to try out even better than you imagined. This guarantees that you will not return home with any regrets. Call My Escort Amsterdam right away to make sure that you leave this wonderful city feeling fulfilled and happy.